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LigoWave develops high-performance wireless products with an emphasis on innovation, versatility, and affordability.

ISP and WISP Solutions

Furthering connectivity by providing high-performance point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions for wireless Internet service providers. Solutions for ISPs and WISPs feature several series of reliable and powerful wireless devices designed for heavy-duty backhaul (LigoPTP and LigoPTMP) and last-mile applications (LigoPTMP and LigoDLB).

Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi for Office

Empowering businesses of any size and caliber all over the world with smart Wi-Fi solutions. LigoWave introduces the ultimate solution for cloud-managed Wi-Fi—the Infinity Series, created for a simplified corporate Wi-Fi experience that implements a combination of highly-functional Infinity access points and the Infinity Cloud Controller.

Surveillance and Traffic Management

nsuring safety and connectivity with a highly-dependable series of point-to-multipoint devices ideal for surveillance and traffic management. LigoWave offers LigoDLB for wireless HD video surveillance, light backhaul, and other scenarios requiring stable data transfer with cost-efficiency in mind; and LigoPTMP for industrial-grade and heavy-duty surveillance and traffic management applications.





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