Industrial Networks

Empowering Business Advancement through Industrial Networks in Ghana and West Africa

Industrial Networks are instrumental in delivering a robust, adaptable, and future-ready networking infrastructure that accelerates digital transformation, making them pivotal for the growth and development of businesses in Ghana and West Africa. These networks have witnessed significant changes with the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the digitalization of industry-specific tools and processes. Through our Industrial Network Services, NRG Wireless provides a resilient, flexible, and future-proof networking environment that fosters innovation and drives industries towards digital excellence in the region.

At NRG Wireless, we are committed to propelling network evolution in Ghana and West Africa. Leveraging our global networking expertise and strategic partnerships, we source, transform, and manage cutting-edge network solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers. This empowers them to focus on their core business objectives while contributing to the technological advancement of the region.


  • We provide impartial networking expertise, selecting the right products for specific applications.
  • Our advisory services assist in technology decisions.
  • We build trusted, strategic partnerships with leading network vendors.


  • Our networking consultants, who specialize in network, technology, and security, support your journey.
  • Experienced consultants lead the approach and planning of solutions.
  • We offer design, build, and deployment services with a proven track record.


  • We oversee network fabric, policy, security, and backend infrastructure.
  • Proactive 24×7 monitoring and event services optimize network availability and performance.
  • Cost-effective support is achieved through automation, combining on-site, near, and off-shore resources.

Our Industrial Network Solutions and Services

Our solutions and services seamlessly integrate effective technology with intelligent support and intuitive collaboration, contributing to the growth and advancement of businesses in Ghana and West Africa. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a digital experience that empowers Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to unlock the full potential of their organization’s workforce, ultimately fostering progress and innovation in the region.

Industrial Network Design, Build & Implementation

We design modern, agile, and resilient network infrastructures that not only meet the needs of industries in Ghana and West Africa but also promote stability, scalability, and security, thereby contributing to the technological progress of businesses in the region.

Industrial Infrastructure Security Segmentation

In an era where the cloud plays a central role in application delivery and security and data transport methods are critical, network segmentation becomes increasingly important. NRG Wireless collaborates with customers to implement network segmentation using proven, standardized procedures, enhancing security and contributing to the technological advancement of the region.

Industrial Sensor

Efficient and secure production networks are vital for industries in Ghana and West Africa to process data promptly, and our expert guidance in planning, design, and construction supports their technological growth and competitiveness.

Sensor Network &
IoT Advisory

We provide expert guidance to industries in Ghana and West Africa on planning, designing, and constructing highly effective and secure production networks, enabling them to process critical data efficiently and contribute to the region’s technological advancement.

Industrial Connectivity for Monitoring and Alarming

Our advice and services in implementing monitoring and operation-supporting platforms enhance troubleshooting and proactive alerts in case of device or service failures, contributing to the uninterrupted operation of industries and their role in the progress of Ghana and West Africa.


NRG Wireless, armed with the right skills, insights, and capabilities, serves as the ideal networking partner to steer industries in Ghana and West Africa towards a more technologically advanced and prosperous future, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the region.

Networking Solutions and Services

We empower businesses to fully harness the potential of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

We establish connections among individuals, devices, and objects, promoting efficiency, productivity, and enhanced collaboration.

We facilitate enterprise mobility solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of a high-performance mobile work environment.

We provide a resilient, adaptable, and future-ready networking infrastructure for the industrial sector, catalyzing the digital transformation.

NRG Wireless Network Connect Approach

NetworkConnect at NRG Wireless is more than just a portfolio, it embodies a wealth of industry-leading insights that shed light on how networks can steer your business towards a brighter future.

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