Data Center & Cloud Networks

Empowering Multi-Cloud Capability to Enhance Ghana and West Africa

Our Data Center & Cloud Network solutions are strategically designed to bolster the essential network infrastructure that hosts, delivers, stores, and secures applications and data. With these services, we empower businesses in Ghana and West Africa to fully harness the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, injecting speed, scalability, and agility into their operations.

At NRG Wireless, we lead the charge in network evolution, drawing from our extensive networking expertise and strategic partnerships to curate, transform, and manage tailored network solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers in Ghana and West Africa. This enables them to focus on advancing their core business objectives.


  • We provide impartial networking expertise, selecting the right products for specific applications.
  • Our advisory services assist in technology decisions.
  • We build trusted, strategic partnerships with leading network vendors.


  • Our networking consultants, who specialize in network, technology, and security, support your journey.
  • Experienced consultants lead the approach and planning of solutions.
  • We offer design, build, and deployment services with a proven track record.


  • We oversee network fabric, policy, security, and backend infrastructure.
  • Proactive 24×7 monitoring and event services optimize network availability and performance.
  • Cost-effective support is achieved through automation, combining on-site, near, and off-shore resources.

Cloud Network Solutions and Services

Our comprehensive solutions and services seamlessly integrate cutting-edge networking LAN & WAN technology with intelligent support and intuitive collaboration. These solutions are thoughtfully crafted to accommodate the diverse working preferences, locations, and schedules of individuals in Ghana and West Africa. Our overarching goal is to deliver a local and remote digital experience that empowers Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to unlock the full potential of their organization’s workforce.

Data Center Network & Multi-Cloud Network Deployment

Our end-to-end integration, deployment, and implementation services for Data Center Networks expedite Data Center deployment and establish seamless Multi-Cloud Connectivity in Ghana and West Africa.

RDD Networking

Through RDD Networking, NRG Wireless empowers customers to accelerate the delivery and integration of any data center infrastructure, eliminating packing materials and optionally providing pre-installed and tested components. This significantly reduces the lead time for infrastructure provisioning and subsequent software installation, advancing the technological landscape in Ghana and West Africa.

Advisory Services for Data Center & Multi-Cloud Connectivity

We assist customers in Ghana and West Africa in defining their business requirements, paving the way for network designs that align with their objectives and contribute to their growth.

Multi-cloud Connectivity

In close collaboration with our customers in Ghana and West Africa, we guide the transformation of their existing Data Center Network environment into a Multi-Cloud architecture, including the migration of existing services, fostering innovation and adaptability.

Data Center Network Transformation

Our highly skilled professional services team specializes in designing, building, and implementing new systems or upgrades within any Data Center environment, facilitating rapid Data Center deployment and enabling our customers in Ghana and West Africa to achieve their business objectives efficiently.


Software and automation are at the core of every future-ready network architecture. NRG Wireless serves as the ideal networking partner for businesses in Ghana and West Africa, equipped with the requisite skills, insights, and capabilities to drive technological advancement and improve operations.

Network Assessment & Advisory

Our network automation assessment and advisory services guide our clients in Ghana and West Africa through a methodical framework, offering a comprehensive understanding, strategic mapping, and tangible demonstration of the value inherent in automation opportunities across their network, fostering growth and innovation.

Network Automation Implementation

Expanding upon our automation advisory service, our network automation implementation adheres to the high standards of our professional services approach, employing a diverse range of vendor tools and processes to enhance network efficiency in Ghana and West Africa.

Network Maintenance and Support

We safeguard our customers’ most valuable assets in Ghana and West Africa by maintaining the systems that underpin critical information and business operations. Our extensive partner network and global reach bolster our high-quality proactive and reactive maintenance services, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and growth.

Networking Solutions and Services

We empower businesses to fully harness the potential of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

We establish connections among individuals, devices, and objects, promoting efficiency, productivity, and enhanced collaboration.

We facilitate enterprise mobility solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of a high-performance mobile work environment.

We provide a resilient, adaptable, and future-ready networking infrastructure for the industrial sector, catalyzing the digital transformation.

NRG Wireless Network Connect Approach

NetworkConnect at NRG Wireless is more than just a portfolio, it embodies a wealth of industry-leading insights that shed light on how networks can steer your business towards a brighter future.

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