Wireless Networks​


Wireless Networks

Empowering Enterprise Mobility to Advance Ghana and West Africa

NRG Wireless Networks is dedicated to facilitating the seamless connection of users, devices, and machines to the network, contributing to the advancement of businesses and economies in Ghana and West Africa. In an increasingly globalized business landscape, NRG Wireless networks play a pivotal role in enabling enterprise mobility, which is instrumental in driving progress.

Through our Wireless LAN (WiFi) Networking services, we address all the requirements for a high-performing mobile work environment, striving to enhance efficiency, productivity, and collaboration across the region.

At NRG Wireless, we are the driving force behind network evolution in Ghana and West Africa. Leveraging our global networking expertise and robust partnerships, we curate, transform, and manage top-tier network solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs. This empowers them to concentrate on their core business objectives, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the region.


  • We provide impartial networking expertise, selecting the right products for specific applications.
  • Our advisory services assist in technology decisions.
  • We build trusted, strategic partnerships with leading network vendors.


  • Our networking consultants, who specialize in network, technology, and security, support your journey.
  • Experienced consultants lead the approach and planning of solutions.
  • We offer design, build, and deployment services with a proven track record.


  • We oversee network fabric, policy, security, and backend infrastructure.
  • Proactive 24×7 monitoring and event services optimize network availability and performance.
  • Cost-effective support is achieved through automation, combining on-site, near, and off-shore resources.

NRG Wireless, Networks, Solutions, and Services

Our solutions and services seamlessly integrate effective technology with intelligent support and intuitive collaboration, fostering a digital experience that empowers Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to harness the full potential of their organization’s workforce. By doing so, we are supporting the progress and innovation that are key to the success of businesses in Ghana and West Africa.

Hardware & Software Lifecycle Management

We provide technology recommendations and sourcing support, helping our customers achieve optimal value while contributing to the technological advancement of the region.

Wireless LAN Site Surveys

Through our WLAN Site Survey, we assess and analyze your WLAN, capturing the data necessary to inform and advise you on improvements or future networks that can further elevate businesses in Ghana and West Africa.

Managed SD Campus

Our Managed SD Campus service offers a comprehensive solution for Campus networking, enhancing our end-to-end capabilities by managing modern software-defined Campus networks that are crucial for the growth of organizations in the region.

Wireless Network Advisory

Our Wireless Network Advisory service assists customers in evaluating their current network, leading to a set of recommendations, a network roadmap, and proof of value for future network enhancements that can contribute to the advancement of businesses in Ghana and West Africa.

Network Maintenance and Support

We safeguard our customers’ most critical assets by maintaining systems that are essential for delivering vital information and business operations, thereby ensuring the continuity and growth of enterprises in the region.

Wireless Network Implementation

Our Wireless Network Transformation Services help you migrate your existing WiFi networks to a next-generation wireless architecture, creating wireless offices that significantly enhance efficiency and security in businesses across Ghana and West Africa.

Campus Network Transformation

Our highly skilled professional services team possesses decades of experience in designing and deploying campus solutions that align with customer business goals across various vendor landscapes, supporting the growth and innovation of businesses in the region.

Software-Defined Campus

Modern software-defined campus networks seamlessly integrate both wired and wireless technologies, forming an innovative intent-based managed network platform that contributes to the technological advancement and competitiveness of businesses in Ghana and West Africa.

Network Automation

Software and automation are the foundation of every future-proof network architecture, and NRG Wireless is your ideal networking partner, equipped with the requisite skills, insights, and capabilities to drive technological progress and prosperity in Ghana and West Africa.

Networking Solutions and Services

We empower businesses to fully harness the potential of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

We establish connections among individuals, devices, and objects, promoting efficiency, productivity, and enhanced collaboration.

We facilitate enterprise mobility solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of a high-performance mobile work environment.

We provide a resilient, adaptable, and future-ready networking infrastructure for the industrial sector, catalyzing the digital transformation.

NRG Wireless Network Connect Approach

NetworkConnect at NRG Wireless is more than just a portfolio, it embodies a wealth of industry-leading insights that shed light on how networks can steer your business towards a brighter future.

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