Local - LAN - and
Wide Area Networks - WAN

NRG Wireless Empowering Ghana Business With Local - LAN & Wide Area Networks - WAN

Local & Wide Area Networks (LAN & WAN) stand as the essential conduits through which campuses and remote locations in Ghana and West Africa interface with the corporate landscape and deliver services to customers. These networks form the bedrock infrastructure that connects individuals, devices, and entities, facilitating efficiency, productivity, and enriched collaboration. Our LAN and WAN services are the catalysts that empower users across the enterprise in Ghana and West Africa and beyond.

At NRG Wireless, we spearhead network evolution in Ghana and West Africa, capitalizing on our local expertise while seamlessly integrating it with global networking proficiency and formidable partnerships. This approach allows us to curate, transform, and manage cutting-edge network solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers, thereby enabling them to dedicate their efforts to the advancement of their core business objectives.


  • We provide impartial networking expertise, selecting the right products for specific applications.
  • Our advisory services assist in technology decisions.
  • We build trusted, strategic partnerships with leading network vendors.


  • Our networking consultants, who specialize in network, technology, and security, support your journey.
  • Experienced consultants lead the approach and planning of solutions.
  • We offer design, build, and deployment services with a proven track record.


  • We oversee network fabric, policy, security, and backend infrastructure.
  • Proactive 24×7 monitoring and event services optimize network availability and performance.
  • Cost-effective support is achieved through automation, combining on-site, near, and off-shore resources.

Our Local & Wide Area Networks Solutions and Services

Our comprehensive solutions and services seamlessly integrate advanced technology with intelligent support and intuitive collaboration. They are thoughtfully customized to accommodate the diverse work preferences, locations, and schedules of individuals in Ghana and West Africa, thereby fostering a digital experience that empowers Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to fully utilize their organization’s workforce.

Network Automation

Software and automation constitute the core of every future-proof network architecture. NRG Wireless serves as the ideal networking partner for Ghana, West Africa, and beyond, equipped with the requisite skills, insights, and capabilities.

Managed SD-WAN

Our Software-Defined Wide Area Network service grants customers in Ghana and West Africa the flexibility to scale, optimize efficiency, and enhance performance while steadfastly maintaining consistent security measures. This has the potential to reduce costs over both the short and long term.

Campus Network Transformation

Our highly proficient professional services team brings decades of experience in designing and deploying campus solutions in Ghana and West Africa, aligning them with customer business objectives using a wide range of proven vendor technologies.

Managed SD Campus

We offer both proactive and reactive services, underpinned by automation and analytics, providing cost-effective and dependable managed services for our customers’ SD Campus networks in Ghana and West Africa.

Software-Defined WAN

NRG Wireless’s industry-leading SD-WAN technology has empowered businesses in Ghana and West Africa to embrace mobility, enhance performance, and pave the way for a cloud-centric strategy.

SD-WAN Architecture Transformation

Customers often seek the benefits of SD-WAN technology but may require guidance on its potential. Our SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) advisory and transformation services guide you through understanding the technology, determining your specific requirements, and deploying SD-WAN solutions in the most effective manner for maximum business benefit.

Software-Defined Campus

Modern software-defined campus networks seamlessly merge both wired and wireless technologies, forming a pioneering, purpose-driven managed network platform that enhances connectivity and collaboration in Ghana, West Africa, and beyond.

Networking Solutions and Services

We empower businesses to fully harness the potential of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

We establish connections among individuals, devices, and objects, promoting efficiency, productivity, and enhanced collaboration.

We facilitate enterprise mobility solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of a high-performance mobile work environment.

We provide a resilient, adaptable, and future-ready networking infrastructure for the industrial sector, catalyzing the digital transformation.

Our Networking Solutions and Services

At the heart of our offering lies a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and insightful support, all intuitively designed to cater to the unique requirements of how, where, and when people work. Our mission is to foster a digital ecosystem that empowers Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to unlock the full potential of their organization’s workforce, contributing to the growth and prosperity of Ghana and West Africa.

Network Automation

Central to any forward-thinking network architecture is the pivotal role of software and automation. Here at NRG Wireless, we proudly stand as your reliable networking partner, armed with the essential expertise, insights, and capabilities, supporting the modernization and technological advancement of Ghana and West Africa.

Software-Defined Campus

In the contemporary landscape, software-defined campus networks seamlessly merge wired and wireless technologies to forge an innovative intent-based managed network platform, facilitating efficient operations and productivity in Ghana and West Africa.

Software-Defined WAN

Our trailblazing SD-WAN technology empowers businesses to embrace mobility, elevate performance, and embark on a journey centered around cloud computing, enabling enhanced connectivity and access to global markets for Ghana and West Africa.

Managed SD-WAN

Our Software-Defined Wide Area Network service extends to our clients the flexibility to scale, optimize efficiency, and enhance performance while steadfastly upholding consistent security measures, with the potential for cost reductions over both the short and long term, thus supporting cost-effective growth in Ghana and West Africa.

Managed SD Campus

With a solid foundation anchored in automation and analytics, we deliver cost-effective, dependable managed services for the SD Campus networks of our clients in Ghana and West Africa. Our solutions encompass both proactive and reactive measures, ensuring network stability and performance.

Multi-Cloud Connectivity

In close collaboration with our clients in Ghana and West Africa, we undertake the transformation of their existing Data Center Network environment into a Multi-Cloud architecture, inclusive of the seamless migration of existing services, thereby enhancing their global reach and competitiveness.

Network Automation
Assessment & Advisory

Our network automation assessment and advisory services guide our clients in Ghana and West Africa through a methodical framework, offering a comprehensive understanding, strategic mapping, and tangible demonstration of the value inherent in automation opportunities across their network, facilitating technological advancement and economic growth.

Network Automation

Expanding upon our automation advisory service, our network automation implementation adheres to the high standards of our professional services approach, employing a diverse range of vendor tools and processes to drive technological progress in Ghana and West Africa.

Data Center Network & Multi-Cloud Network Deployment

We provide comprehensive end-to-end integration, deployment, and implementation services for Data Center Networks, ensuring swift Data Center deployment and seamless Multi-Cloud Connectivity, thereby bolstering the digital infrastructure and economic development of Ghana and West Africa.

NRG Wireless Network Connect Approach

NetworkConnect at NRG Wireless is more than just a portfolio, it embodies a wealth of industry-leading insights that shed light on how networks can steer your business towards a brighter future.

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