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You have a couple of rooms in your house or workplace where you barely get a cell signal. Crackly audio and frequent dropouts are quite common, forcing you to go outside to make calls. Dead spots for cell service are common in homes and office buildings.

Improving cell signals can also extend your phone’s battery life, as weak cell signals cause your phone to use more power to boost the connection. Cell phone boosters can only BOOST weak cellular 4G, LTE, and 3G signals etc, They CAN’T CREATE cellular signal.

A cell phone signal booster picks up and amplifies signals from outside cell towers and broadcasts the enhanced signal for use by your smartphone, tablet, and other cellular-enabled devices. A booster helps you stay connected in locations where the signal is weak.

Amplitec develops reliable indoor and outdoor coverage and optimization repeater solutions for offices, restaurants, hotels, commercial centres, countryside, residential areas, tourist resorts, and stadiums on various GSM850 GSM900 GSM1800 GSM1900 CDMA850 CDMA1900 networks as well as WCDMA and TD-SCDMA systems.

Amplitec has fast built up a reputation as a competitive provider of high-quality solutions to extend and enhance operators’ networks at a low cost

cell signal booster


C15L Single Wide Band Repeater

UL:832-862MHz, DL:791-821MHz (800MHZ )
Indoor antenna coverage around 200 square meters
support: MTN 4G


C15L Dual Wide Band Repeater

UL:831-862/1710-1785MHz, DL: 791-821/1805- 1880MHz, ( 800MHZ +1800MZH )
Indoor antenna coverage around 200square meters
Support : MTN 4G, Glo2G , Airtel 2G , Vodafone 4G


Triple band repeater kit

UL:1920-1980/1710-1785/832-862MHz, DL: 2110-
2170/1805-188/791-8210MHz, ( 800MHZ+1800MHZ +2100MHZ )
Coverage : 200~300square meters
Support: MTN 3G 4G, GLO 2G, 3G, Airtel 2g 3g , vodafone 3g 4g


Dual band repeater kit

1880MHz ( 800MHZ +1800MHZ )
indoor antenna coverage range is 200~300square meters
Support : MTN 4G, Glo2G , Airtel 2G , Vodafone 4G

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