Milesight cctv

Mini Series

Milesight Mini Camera Series is featured in ultra-mini size, stylish design and easy installation.
The Mini Security Cameras not only aspire to protect your security with top-notch megapixel video quality,
but also fit for your sleek decoration taste

Pro Series

Milesight Pro Camera Series is the professional-level network camera designed for those who are
seeking for the up-most in quality, integration, design and reliability for their demanding surveillance needs.

PTZ Series

Milesight PTZ Camera Series provides pan, tilt and zoom functions, enabling wide area coverage and all-round monitoring. In combination with high resolution and HEVC compression, the cameras provide excellent detailed zoom-in views.

Panoramic Series

Milesight Panoramic Camera Series features advanced technology, bringing panoramic viewing experience.
Meanwhile, high resolution and the latest design guarantee detailed images and enjoyable user-experience.

LPR Series

Milesight LPR/ANPR Camera Series is embedded with the LPR algorithm. It can automatically detect and capture licence plate in real-time and compares them to a predefined Black and White list then takes appropriate action such as generating an alert.

NVR Series

Milesight 4K H.265 NVR Series offers a robust system for diverse applications and empowers users to set up and manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease.

PoE NVR Series

Milesight 4K H.265 PoE NVR Series is a truly convenient plug-and-play NVR series designed for surveillance solutions. The series constitutes a wide range of patent design NVRs with a 4/8/16/24-port built-in PoE switch for supplying power to network cameras and transmitting data.

LoRa Devices

We believe that the complexity of security, connectivity, and communications can be integrated into AIoT solution.
Our development and distribution of these products and services demonstrate our commitment to the digital transformation for a safer,
smarter and more connected world.

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